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French Drain Installation in Indianapolis Explained | Homeowner's Guide

October 26, 2021

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A French drain installation in Indianapolis is an excellent investment for just about any property. French drains direct moisture in the soil away from a structure and to a nearby drain or landscaping feature.

installation of french drain Indianapolis

French drain installations in Indianapolis, including being unobtrusive and nearly invisible. They’re also affordable and easy to install! To help you determine if a French drain is the right choice for your property, note some vital details about their construction and then call a foundation repair contractor near you as needed.

What Is a French Drain for Indianapolis Properties?

A French drain is either a system of underground PVC pipes or a trench along your property. Those pipes or the trench collect moisture in the soil and direct it away from a structure, helping that moisture flow to the street or to a nearby garden or landscaping feature that needs added hydration.

French drain pipes are buried under the soil while a trench, also called a weeping tile, sits above the soil and might be filled with river rocks or other decorative features. This simple detail ensures your French drain system doesn’t detract from your property’s appearance. Buried pipes also won’t get in the way of your lawnmower and other lawn care tools and equipment.

How Does a Contractor Plan a French Drain Installation in Indianapolis?

A French drain installation starts with an inspection of the property, as a contractor needs to ensure the drain won’t interfere with buried wires and cables or other pipes or get damaged by nearby tree roots. A contractor will also need to find the best place to start the drain; some will have an exposed grate, to capture floodwaters or water from a home’s downspouts.

It’s also vital that a contractor choose the best drainage point as well! One reason to avoid DIY French drain installation in Indianapolis is that allowing water to drain onto a neighboring property can mean legal headaches and even future lawsuits. While most drains will empty to the street, you can also have the drain directed to your property’s landscaping or garden.

installing french drains indianapolis

French drains work with simple gravity. Both buried pipes and trenches are angled slightly, to capture water in the soil and encourage it to run freely along those pipes or the trench. A contractor will note your property’s slope as well as average moisture levels and then decide on the best slope for the drain itself.

Details of a French Drain Installation for a Residential Property

French drain trenches aren’t as simple as you might assume; after a contractor notes the best starting and stopping point and the right slope for the drain, he or she will dig the trench. The soil is then typically tamped down and covered in gravel. The trench might then be filled with river rocks, for added protection against the soil absorbing moisture and to ensure the trench looks attractive and unobtrusive.

French drain pipes are different from other PVC pipes; they are typically corrugated, to help prevent standing water. For properties prone to flooding, the pipes might be perforated, to allow for water drainage along the body of the pipe. The drains are also typically covered in gravel before the topsoil is replaced, to allow for easier water flow around those pipes.

The last part of French drain installation is replacing that topsoil and ensuring the pipe is fully buried and obscured. Those pipes shouldn’t be visible and the ground shouldn’t be disrupted, so your property looks as attractive as possible after the pipes are installed.

French Drains Need Maintenance and Repairs

French drains are very durable and rarely need maintenance or repairs. However, it’s still recommended that you have a French drain inspected every few years and especially after flooding or heavy rains on your property, to ensure the drain is still in place and sloped properly.

A foundation repair inspector can also note if French drains are clogged or if something has gotten in the way of water flow. The drain’s starting and runoff points also need to be clear and clog-free for the drain to operate properly! If you’ve had the drain directed to a landscaping feature or garden, you might also want to redirect them or add new pipes, for better control over the levels of moisture in your property.

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Indianapolis Foundation Repair Experts is happy to bring this information about French drain installation in Indianapolis to our readers and we hope you found it helpful. If you need foundation inspections, repairs, or waterproofing, turn to our trusted Indianapolis foundation repair contractors. We offer FREE quotes and guaranteed repairs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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