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Indianapolis Foundation Repair: What to Expect & Is it Worth it?

February 8, 2021

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If you’ve been told that your home needs Indianapolis foundation repair, you might be considering your estimated repair costs and wondering if this work is worth it! It’s never recommended that a homeowner put off any needed home repair project, but especially foundation fixes. Why?

To answer that question and ensure you’re keeping your home in good repair and safe for you and your family, check out some information about what to expect when it comes to Indianapolis foundation repair and why this work is worth the cost. You can then discuss your options with a foundation repair contractor in Indianapolis and know you’re making the right choice for your property.

foundation repair project in Indianapolis

What to Expect With Foundation Repair in Indianapolis

Your Indianapolis foundation contractor will recommend a repair method based on your home’s foundation type and extent of the damage. For minor cracks, specialty foam injections are often used. These injections fill in gaps and then expand and harden, keeping out water while strengthening a foundation.

For more extensive damage, your repair contractor might recommend one of the following solutions:

  • Steel piers

Steel piers inserted deep into the ground along the edges of a home’s foundation help lift the house into place, closing up cracks and gaps and supporting the structure. Steel pier installation starts with dirt excavation around the home. A foundation bracket is installed, and the piers are inserted into the brackets. Dirt is then replaced.

  • Concrete piers

Similar to steel piers, concrete piers also help lift up a foundation and keep it strong. For concrete pier installation, a contractor will first excavate, and then cylinders used as forms are installed.

A ram pushes those cylinders into place, ensuring soil around it is compact and firm. Concrete is poured into these cylinders and allowed to dry, and a concrete cap is placed around the cylinder for added protection.

  • Helical piers

Helical piers are similar to large screws, and they literally twist into the ground. These piers don’t offer quite as much support as steel or concrete, but are an excellent choice for structures with less weight, such as porches or vinyl-clad homes. These piers can be used along the foundation exterior or indoors, to add support to slab foundations.

As with other pier systems, an Indianapolis foundation repair contractor will start with needed excavation around your foundation exterior; for an indoor installation, he or she will need to remove a part of the slab floor.  A section of the foundation footing is then cut away to help support the pier.

The helical pier is then inserted or twisted into the ground or through the foundation slab. Steel brackets are added, to attach the pier to the foundation footing. The ground or slab floor section is then replaced as needed.

repairing steel piers for a home

Is Foundation Repair Worth It?

Since foundation repair is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance, you might wonder if this work is worth the cost and disruption to your property. To help you make the best decision for your home, consider the risks of putting off needed foundation repairs for an Indianapolis home!

Water Damage

foundation water damage indianapolis

Foundation cracks and gaps let in water and moisture from outside the home. This moisture might collect along a basement floor, or get absorbed by drywall and wood framing.

  • As framing absorbs moisture, it begins to rot and then crack and chip, which can make your home structurally unsound!
  • If you have a finished basement, that water can leave behind unsightly stains along drywall and floor tiles.
  • Excess moisture increases the risk of mold growth behind walls or in front of drywall and other materials.
  • Water and moisture attract bothersome rodents and insects.

A Weakened Foundation

weak foundation for a home

A foundation is meant to support a home and keep it level and even. A damaged foundation is weak and often unable to manage a home’s weight; in turn, the home might then begin to settle.

  • When a home sinks along one side, it pulls on its own building materials. In turn, you might soon see cracks along interior and exterior walls as well as interior ceilings.
  • The home’s framing might also crack, allowing sections of the home to sink even more. Damaged framing can also mean collapsed doorways and walls.
  • Door and window frames get pulled out of position so that doors and windows stick or don’t close and lock as they should.
  • A sinking home also pulls on floors, roofs, and plumbing fixtures, leading to buckled floorboards and loose floor tiles, cracked roofing, and water leaks along plumbing connectors.

While a home might not outright collapse if you should put off needed foundation repair in Indianapolis, note that foundation damage only gets worse over time. Secondary damage, such as mold growth and wood rot, also get more extensive and costlier the longer they’re ignored!

To keep your home in good condition and avoid dangerous, costly damage to your home, schedule Indianapolis foundation repair at the first sign of damage. Investing in timely fixes helps avoid even costlier fixes over time, and protects your home and family.

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