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7 Signs Your Home Needs a Foundation Inspection in Indianapolis

March 21, 2022

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When was the last time you scheduled a foundation inspection for an Indianapolis property? If it’s been several years, it’s time to make that call! A full-scale inspection spots damage as it develops, so you can arrange needed repairs quickly. With that in mind, consider 7 signs your home needs a foundation inspection right away.

Signs of Foundation Issues & When to Receive a Foundation Inspection

1. Cracks Mean It’s Time for a Foundation Inspection in Indianapolis

As a foundation weakens, it tends to settle under the weight of a home. In turn, it pulls on interior and exterior walls. Consequently, you might notice cracks especially in weak areas of drywalling such as around window and door frames. Also, cracks might form along exterior walls, indicating that it’s time for a foundation inspection in Indianapolis.

cracks from foundation problem needing inspection in Indianapolis

2. Don’t Overlook Gaps in Room Corners or Around Trim

As that weak foundation settles, it also pulls on drywall sections. In turn, you might notice gaps forming in room corners where drywall panels should meet. Additionally, that pulling can risk baseboard or crown molding popping out of position. Rather than just nailing these back into place, schedule a foundation inspection instead.

3. Doors and Windows Can Indicate Foundation Damage

A sinking foundation means uneven framing around your home. That includes door and window frames that typically become uneven as a foundation sinks. However, those doors and windows don’t quite move with them. Consequently, you might fight to open or close the doors and windows around a house with foundation damage.

Additionally, an uneven frame means that lock bolts don’t slide easily. In turn, you might struggle to lock or unlock your home’s doors or windows. In some cases, doors might even swing open on their own when left unlatched. All these issues typically indicate that it’s time for a foundation inspection!

4. Your Floors Are a Good Indicator of Foundation Damage

A home’s flooring is an excellent indicator of foundation damage! One sign of a weak foundation is a soft, spongy feeling under foot. Two, note if you can feel weak or damaged floorboards when you walk across the floor. Lastly, are the floors obviously sloped or uneven?

Also, consider if floor tiles seem to pull out of place or if grout and caulk have failed prematurely. These issues can indicate a sloping or damaged floor, resulting from a weak foundation. Don’t simply replace or adjust those tiles but schedule an Indianapolis foundation inspection as well.

5. Dampness and Mold? It’s Time for a Foundation Inspection in Indianapolis

Foundation cracks let moisture into a home, resulting in damp basements, laundry rooms, and other such areas. Also, not only will you notice dampness, but moisture leaks risk mold growth along walls and elsewhere. While plumbing damage can result in mold growth, it’s vital that you check a home’s foundation for needed repairs.

cost of foundation repair needed for leaks

6. Overly Moist Soil Can Risk Foundation Damage

Moisture in the soil is probably the biggest risk factor when it comes to causes of foundation damage. One reason for this is that dampness breaks down binders in concrete. Two, moisture puts pressure on foundation concrete. Lastly, moist soil isn’t strong enough to support foundation concrete as it should.

If you notice overly moist soil on your property, first address that issue. A contractor might suggest better grading, a sump pump installation, or a French drain. Next, schedule a foundation inspection to check for water damage and needed repairs.

7. How Old Is Your Home’s Foundation?

New homes might need a foundation inspection after five years. Homeowners might then schedule a foundation inspection every three years. However, once that foundation is 20 or 30 years old, consider annual inspections! Also, since dampness in the soil increases the risk of foundation damage, schedule an inspection after a flood or heavy rains.

Additionally, a homeowner might schedule an independent foundation inspection before putting a home on the market. While a mortgage inspection typically includes a home’s foundation, knowing its condition before selling is very useful! One reason for this is that you won’t be surprised if a buyer’s inspection spots damage. Two, you can make needed fixes and avoid the risk of losing potential buyers due to foundation damage.

Indianapolis Foundation Repair Experts is happy to provide this information about a needed foundation inspection in Indianapolis to our readers. We hope you found it helpful and informative. If you’re not sure your property’s condition, call our Indianapolis foundation repair contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE foundation inspection at no cost or obligation to you. Additionally, our crew offers expert repairs at affordable prices. To find out more, give us a call today.


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