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Ask Us About a French Drain Installation in Indianapolis

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A French drain installation Indianapolis is an excellent investment for properties with poor drainage. French drains use a series of buried PVC pipes that collect moisture in the soil, directing it away from a structure. In turn, you reduce the risk of foundation damage and interior dampness. Our crew here at Indianapolis Foundation Repair Experts can explain its installment in more detail.

Not only does a French drain install mean fewer foundation issues but it also keeps soil in good condition. Consequently, you might note fewer wilted bushes and flowers around your home. Also, a French drain is an excellent asset during heavy rains or flood seasons! More excess moisture gets directed to a nearby street with a French drain on your property.

With this in mind, why not call us today for your FREE installation price quote? We’ll explain French drains in more detail and inspect your property for suitability. Above all, we stand behind every installation with a quality guarantee you can trust. For more information or your no-cost appointment, contact us right now!

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Why Invest In a French Drain Installation On Your Property

Why should homeowners invest in a French drain installation for their property? This service offers many benefits and protections for your house, including:

  • Most contractors will tell you that moisture is a foundation’s #1 enemy! In turn, a French drain keeps excess moisture away from slabs, basements, and crawl spaces. Consequently, you might face fewer repair bills over the years.
  • Directing moisture away from your structure also means less interior dampness. As a result, basements and crawl spaces stay clean and dry.
  • Additionally, keeping moisture out of interior spaces means less risk of structural wood rot, mold, and mildew.
  • French drains are excellent for properties prone to flooding. As floodwaters seep into the ground, these drains quickly direct them back toward the street. Consequently, you might face less damage and needed cleanup after a flood.
  • Grass and landscaping often struggle to thrive in overly moist soil. In turn, your French drain might mean healthier flowers, shrubs, and lawns!

To find out more about why your property needs a French drain system, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Who Needs a French Drain Installation for Their Home?

While a French drain installation is an excellent investment for any property, some homes definitely need this service! For example, improper soil grading might allow moisture to collect around a home’s foundation. Also, different soil types might hinder proper drainage so that the ground stays too damp overall. Consequently, if you notice spongy soil around your property, it’s time for a French drain!

Additionally, note that a French drain basement installation keeps that interior space dry. If you’re thinking of finishing the space or using it for storage, give us a call! Our expert waterproofing services protect finished materials and household goods from damage. Your French drain installation cost is often far less than repairing damaged drywall and other materials.

If you’re still wondering, what is a French drain, or why it’s beneficial, call us! We’ll answer your questions and prepare a comprehensive price quote. To get your property started, contact us today.

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#1 for French Drain Installations In Your Area

When you need a French drain installation, call us here at Indianapolis Foundation Repair Experts. Why are we the #1 crew to trust for your foundation repair and waterproofing needs? One reason we’re the best is that we have many years of foundation repair experience! Two, we offer full-scale services, including patching and leak repair as well as French drain installs.

Additionally, we tailor our services to every property and its needs. In turn, you know you can trust our fixes and maintenance to last. We also stand behind all our work with a full, written warranty you can trust.

So, why keep putting off that call? Your property’s French drain won’t install itself! We take the stress out of foundation repair and maintenance for every property owner. To find out more or to schedule your FREE no-obligation consultation, just reach out to our company today!



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